An Apple Watch is not just for style or convenience; it can serve as a medical assistance device too. Yes, an Apple Watch can be used for emergency calling for 911 and fall detection. It will remind you to stay active and monitor the heart rate too.

Apple Watch Medical Alert

If you or your loved ones prefer not to wear those obvious traditional medical devices that come with many other emergency alert systems, the Apple Watch can make a great gift. It has a GPS tracker, can receive calls and messages just like your iPhone, it’s waterproof, and you can even change its wristband to become more stylish.

Teaching them how to use the emergency features of the Apple Watch won’t be so hard. If they need to call 911, just press the ‘down’ button and swipe the SOS display on the watch’s screen. It will automatically dial 911, and they can converse directly, and the emergency contacts stored on its iCloud will be notified as well. Then there’s ‘Siri’, the built-in voice command feature where you can simply say “Call 911” or call whoever it is you want to contact.

You can store the medical information on the Apple Watch like name, address, birthday, medical condition, medications taken, or the attending physician. The Apple Watch also stores your daily heart rate monitoring. These features are beneficial to the emergency responders to facilitate the incident well.

We all have our everyday worries and take one less worry away by investing in a medical alert device for your elderly loved ones. It doesn’t matter how much the life alert cost, what’s important is immediate assistance in case of an emergency.

In these kinds of situations, an injury or fatality can be avoided as long as there is a prompt response, easy location monitoring, and a professional medical team to guide you all the way. That’s what medical alert systems are all about to save lives and to have peace of mind.

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