Two useful medical alert devices you may want to consider are RescueTouch and MobileHelp. These services span a range of budgets and have several pros and cons you should consider. Read on to learn more about these devices and find useful info on choosing between them.

Learn About RescueTouch and MobileHelp

The goal of RescueTouch life alert systems is to give service for swift medical assistance and emergency responses. Like other medical alert devices mentioned in this post, it also has two-way communication systems, easy to use devices. However, the best feature is the Family Text Member Alerts, where your loved ones will receive a text message in case of a fall or any other emergency.

RescueTouch can also be considered a backup communication device if they’re not answering the phone when you’re calling. You can take advantage of monitoring plans, fall detection, and location tracking for extra peace of mind. 

If you prefer the least expensive medical alert provider, you can consider purchasing the services of MobileHelp instead.

This is also the most recommended medical alert system for seniors who do not have a landline. It has similar features to the Bay Alarm Medical System, just press the button, talk on the line, wait for help, and let your loved ones know. 

MobileHelp pretty much has nifty but high-quality medical alert systems. It also has options for medical alert devices, just simply push the button (necklace or bracelet), two-way communication system, a mobile device, or a watch.

What is great about MobileHelp is you can choose from many affordable plans. It also has a feature where users can add medication scheduling, where you are reminded when it’s time to drink your medicine. 

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