How to Make Your Home Work for You as You Age

How to Make Your Home Work for You as You Age

If you would like to spend your old age safely and happily in your own home, there are a few helpful adjustments you can make to your home as you grow older.

With these changes to your home, you can continue living in your home while remaining safe and healthy. 

Have a Wheelchair Ramp Installed to Access Your Door

In order to access your home easily, it is a great idea to replace any stairs that lead to your front and back doors with a wheelchair-accessible ramp. Even if you do not end up requiring a wheelchair, you may end up relying on a walking stick to get around. You will find it far easier to climb a ramp than a potentially dangerous set of stairs. Using a ramp as you age will also decrease your chances of falling over. 

Replace Your Current Doors With Wider Doors

In order to ensure that your entire home will be accessible using a wheelchair or a mobility walker, consider hiring professionals to replace your current doors with wider doors. 

Install Bathroom Grab Bars In Your Home

If you want to improve your home to be more senior-friendly, it is also a wise idea to install bathroom grab bars in the bathroom that you use on a daily basis. This will make it easy to be able to move around your bathroom without the risk of falling over. And if you lose your balance, you will be able to steady yourself using one of your grab bars. Make sure to place grab bars next to your shower, bath, toilet and sink so that you are never more than a step away from an easily reachable grab bar. 

Consider Installing a Stair Lift

If your home has multiple levels and you would like to remain in your current home as you age, installing a stair lift can be an excellent investment. With a stair lift, you won’t have to worry about climbing up and down your stairs when your mobility starts to decrease. As a bonus, you can also use your stair lift in order to move heavy items upstairs without any effort. If you decide to install a stair lift, you will be able to opt for care in your home instead of moving into a retirement home or village. 

Replace Your Flooring With Slip-Resistant Flooring

Another way to reduce your risk of slipping and falling in your home is to replace your flooring with slip-resistant flooring. It is a great idea to place slip-resistant flooring in high-traffic areas of your home such as your kitchen, bathroom and hallways. Rubber flooring is a smart option, as it is slip-resistant, easy to clean and soft to land on. If your home has wood flooring, it is crucial to replace or cover your floors. If you fall on wood, you could end up fracturing a few bones. 

Alternatively, if you do not want to replace large sections of flooring, you can also opt to place slip resistant mats in high-traffic areas of your home. If you do fall, chances are high that you will fall onto soft slip resistant mats. 

Invest in Emergency Alert Devices

When you are shopping for home medical equipment, be sure to purchase an emergency alert device. If you suffer from an unexpected medical emergency such as a serious fall or a stroke, you will be able to quickly contact emergency services even if you are unable to reach your phone. 

Use Chair Raisers in Order to Increase the Height Of Your Sofa and Chairs

Nothing is worse than trying to get up out of a low chair in your golden years. 

In order to ensure that you can easily stand up from your sofa and chairs, look for a few handy chair raisers when you’re shopping around for home health care supplies. Simply place one chair riser under each of your chair’s or sofa’s feet in order to instantly raise the height of your most used chairs.

Additionally, chair raisers are incredibly safe to use, as they are made from a rubbery, non-slip material that will provide your chairs with plenty of grip.

Purchase Bed-Risers to Raise the Height of Your Bed

You can also purchase handy bed-risers in order to instantly increase the height of your bed, which will help you effortlessly get out of bed each morning. Thankfully, bed risers are available at most stores that sell care supplies and home medical supplies. 

Purchase a Hospital Bed or a Fully Adjustable Bed

Alternatively, it’s well-worth investing in a hospital bed that can be raised and lowered with a push of a button or a fully-adjustable bed. Fully-adjustable beds are worth the cost, as you can choose to raise or lower your feet or your head. If you enjoy reading in bed or watching television in bed, you will find that using an adjustable bed will add a bit of comfort to your day-to-day life. 

Get Rid of Any Excess Clutter

Not only will you have more energy to get rid of excess clutter in the present, but as you age, the less clutter that you have in your home the better. If you live in a well organized, clutter-free home you’ll be able to navigate your home easier, as you won’t run the risk of walking into or banging into clutter such as bulky pieces of furniture that you no longer use. 

As an added bonus, if you get rid of excess clutter, you’ll have more room to place any essential medical supplies and medical equipment that you may require as you age, such as a sleep apnea machine or a walking frame. 

Place Motion-Activated Lights in Your Hallway

One inexpensive way to improve your home for your eventual retirement is to have motion-activated lights placed in your hallway. You won’t have to worry about stumbling around in the dark or trying to find your light switch at night. 


If you’re determined to enjoy your retirement years in your own home, you will find these senior home care tips useful. This is especially important if you want to ensure that your home is easy to get around as you age. With the support of your family or dedicated home health staff, you’ll be able to age in a familiar, comfortable environment. 

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