One of the life alert systems that go above and beyond is Medical Guardian. If you want an added peace of mind for your elderly loved one or do not prefer using the traditional medical ID bracelets, this emergency medical alert device might be the right option for you.

Medical Guardian and Other Alert Systems
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Compared to other medical alert systems, Medical Guardian has many extra features like the caregiver portal, voice-to-text messaging option, detects falls, and many more. 

With Medical Guardian, you’ll have various device options so you can use the life saving device whichever way you want. Your loved one can even use the Medical Guardian device to give you a call by connecting through the operator. Isn’t it convenient? So whether your loved one is at home, driving, or in the supermarket, you’ll have peace of mind at any time of the day. 

In addition to Medical guardian and other alert systems mentioned earlier, there are many other lifesaving medical devices seniors might find helpful. Here are just a few of the other options you might want to consider:

LifeFone: This device has one of the best standalone mobile apps available on both iOS (iPhone) and Android.

Medical Alert: A preferred medical alert provider with lower start-up costs.

Life Alert: Another popular option, this company is one of the best known in the industry due in part to its years on the market.

Medical Care Alert: They are Certified as the best team for EMD/EMT monitoring.

QMedic: Awarded for being the best in activity monitoring and compliance.

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