7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Exercise

7 Unexpected Health Benefits of Exercise

Most of us incorporate daily exercise to stay fit. But did you know that there are actually other surprising benefits that exercise can do to our bodies? The importance of exercise does not only revolve in getting slimmer or leaner. You can get a lot of benefits by simply having a ten-minute exercise routine daily. 

1. Helps You Sleep Better

While it seems contradictory that getting tired through exercise can actually help you sleep better, research says otherwise. 

During our exercise sessions, our body releases certain hormones that can promote REM and deep sleep once it’s time to lay down. If you are staying fit and avoiding things to disrupt you from getting the proper amount of sleep, exercising daily can help you get a better quality of sleep. 

Not only does it affect our brain positively, but it also helps us get up from bed every morning. Exercise helps people with insomnia sleep at night and have more energy in the morning. A study showed that after 16 weeks of increased physical activity, 17 people have fewer problems with insomnia compared to the control group. 

In fact, 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise can already improve your sleep quality by 65%. Of course, you can also have a healthier diet and proper nighttime routine in order to achieve a better quality of sleep, but with the benefit of a simple workout, you can achieve a night of better sleep in no time. 

2. Makes You Feel Happier

Depression and anxiety have plagued the new generation. Sometimes, it is even difficult to get out of your bed. However, you can start small and exercise for a few minutes each day just to start a routine. Once you have established a routine, you will find it easier to deal with life. 

This is backed by research that shows that exercising can actually change parts of our brain to better regulate anxiety. People who exercise also benefit from being able to do more because of the changes in the brain, along with decreased stress and anxiety. 

3. Improves Brain Functions

Speaking of benefits of exercise to mental health, people who also regularly exercise have better brain function. Specifically, it improves the brain’s part responsible for memory and learning.

Exercising promotes blood flow that can help your brain receive more oxygen it needs to function. Aside from that, the benefits of exercise can also be seen in the stimulation of the production of hormones that is necessary to enhance the growth of brain cells. 

These benefits are most often seen on people who are doing regular exercises for at least a few months. There’s also a study that shows that people who are active are less likely to experience Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia when they are older. 

4. Improves Skin Health

Oxidative stress is one of the common problems with people who are not exercising regularly. As we age, our bodies receive a lot of damage that needs to be repaired while we sleep. If our body no longer has the capability to completely repair these damages, our skin loses its elasticity and we are prone to more wrinkles and other skin health problems. 

One of the benefits of workout is that it helps our body’s antioxidant defences by promoting blood flow. Partnered with the right diet, your skin cells can receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy and avoid signs of skin aging. 

By also promoting blood flow, it helps decrease the risks of disorders that are common among older people such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. 

5. Helps With Meditation

One of the most popular methods of exercise is yoga, which is also known as a meditative exercise. Certain hormones are released when we exercise that helps our mind be at its sharpest. 

There’s a lot of research that proves that regular exercise in adults reduces signs of stress aging while also reducing stress caused by daily events. 


You can use yoga as your warmup and cool-down routine. Stretching has a lot of benefits when it comes to getting ready for a mild to intense exercise. Not only that, but you also get the benefit of having a relaxed mind while you also build up your muscles. 

6. Increases Pain Tolerance

It seems impossible but one of the benefits of workout is increasing your pain tolerance while also decreasing overall pain that you are feeling. Specifically, people who are suffering from chronic pain can benefit from aerobic exercise routine now and then. 

This not only improves the quality of your life but also makes you healthier. Back pain, tissue disorders, and other conditions that are usually causes of the hindrance of your daily activities can be prevented by regularly exercising. 

7. Builds a Routine

Since exercising first thing in the morning, even as simple as walking around your neighbourhood, has benefits when it comes to building your routine. As you start exercising, you will notice that you also have more energy to do other tasks that you would otherwise put off when you do not have enough capacity to do so. 

While also reducing stress and anxiety, building your habits by starting with exercise can have a huge impact on your daily plans. These are important factors for someone who is having a hard time building their habits. Among the surprising benefits of exercise, having a generally better life due to increased motivation is perhaps one of the best reasons to start exercising today. 

Final Thoughts

Exercise is indeed important, not only for our bodies but also for the benefits of it on our mental health. So, if you think exercising can become a hassle and increase your anxiety, think again. Aside from having a healthier body, your mind will also be more focused, and you will experience less stress and anxiety.

150 minutes of exercise a week is enough to receive the benefits mentioned above. The fact that exercising can boost both your mental and physical health with its many benefits is a big reason to hit the gym regularly. 

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