Once you’ve identified environmental, emotional or other triggers that prompt you to smoke, try your best to avoid them when possible. If you know you only smoke when you’re out drinking with friends, you may need to avoid alcohol.

Avoid Triggers
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Let a trusted friend in the group know what you’re doing and give them the go ahead to talk you down if you start eyeing cigarettes on your nights out.

In some cases, avoiding alcohol and having a friend remind you of your goals may be enough. Some people prefer to avoid clubs and bars altogether, sticking to environments such as theatres for their nights out.

Your trigger may be work stress, frustration, depression or a similar factor. A psychologist can show you how to cope with work deadlines, the pressures of running a business and other stressors, in a much healthier way.

Additionally, make sure you use all the resources at your disposal to give yourself an edge when trying to get rid of a bad habit.

For instance, there are several convenient apps which can help you to quit smoking and they offer support around the clock. Many of these are free and they allow you to track your progress and learn more about your smoking patterns. Some even provide fun rewards for you that help to retrain your brain and keep you motivated.

These free apps can help:

  1. Smoke Free
  2. QuitNow
  3. QuitTracker
  4. QuitSTART
  5. QuitGuide

You’ll find help based on your personal patterns. You can get motivation based on your reasons for quitting. For example, if you’re quitting for health reasons, you’ll find encouragement that’s specific to what you need to inspire you to keep going.

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