Medicare Part C, often referred to as Medicare Advantage, is a bundled Medicare plan that includes Original Medicare and other forms of coverage such as vision and dental services. Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private companies that are approved by Medicare and which Medicare pays each month to offer services and low premiums to Medicare Advantage users.

Even though Part C coverage is offered by private companies, Medicare ensures that these companies follow the rules set by the federal government to ensure that all users are getting the proper coverage.

Learn About Medicare Part C

Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage helps cover the cost of prescriptions drugs, transportation to and from a doctor’s office as well as programs that help improve your fitness and health.

However, because it covers so many healthcare needs, it also has higher premiums, which varies by plans.

Medicare Advantage plans can vary greatly in price because most plans are offered by a variety of different private health insurance companies.

These companies must set their prices and rules in accordance with the federal government, but they can still have different premium prices and coverage options. 

The price of your Medicare Advantage plan will also depend on many factors. Many Medicare Advantage plans charge different amounts for copayments, and some allow you to visit a specialist without a referral, while others require you to get a referral or your visit might not be covered under your Medicare Advantage plan. 

Finding the medical services you need within the network of your Medicare Advantage plan is often the hardest part of choosing the plan that is right for you. Be sure to carefully review all plan options and choose the one that is best for your medical and financial needs.

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