Telehealth services cut down on your expenses associated with in-person visits. You save on gasoline and parking as well as taking time off from work. You also do not need to worry about babysitting costs or paying for senior care. Transportation costs and time is cut too. If you use public transportation or live far from your doctor, transportation expenses can be great of a financial burden.

Telehealth Can Cut Down on Health Care Costs
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Many patients choose to skip appointments than deal with the cost and hassle. The convenience of telehealth services cuts down on the number of no shows. 

Medicare, the national health insurance program for seniors, pays for telehealth services for the same price as in-person visits. Medicare telehealth services are under the program’s covered services, and the program made the following recent changes:

·      You can use telehealth services for evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment for an acute stroke no matter where you are located. 

·      You can use telecommunication for the treatment of substance use or a co-occurring mental health disorder.

·      Medicare will cover virtual check-ins and other electronic visits.

Televisits are less expensive for the medical facility than in-person visits. They are also less time-consumer for you and the provider, which also cuts costs. 

Doctors are able to see more patients through telecommunication than face to face. More patients mean more practice revenue. From lower overhead and higher revenue, facilities can pass down the savings to patients like you.

The expanded access means more people will receive the medical care they need. 

More frequent medical attention can mean earlier diagnoses, which lead to lower overall medical expenses. 

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