Waiting rooms are filled with sick patients. With tight sitting conditions and sharing circulating air, they can be breeding grounds for illness. After all, most people go to the doctor’s office when they are not feeling well. The Coronavirus, for example, can infect dozens of people in small areas like waiting rooms. In addition to COVID-19, you and your family could pick up one or more of the following easily spreadable illnesses:

Telehealth Services Can Cut Down on Infectious Illnesses

·      Stomach flu

·      Influenza virus

·      Meningitis

·      Hand, foot and mouth disease

·      Whooping cough

·      Infections

You can breathe in or touch viruses and bacteria everywhere. Other patients with their ailments touch the same doorknobs, counters, chairs, tables, magazines, and more that you touch.

Catching an illness and bringing it home to your family can be life-threatening to high-risk populations. High-risk individuals include those who are very young, old, or have conditions like:

·      AIDS/HIV

·      Cancer

·      Chronic kidney disease

·      Diabetes

·      Heart conditions

·      Lung and breathing conditions

·      Sickle cell disease

By staying at home, you are reducing your risk of catching something and passing it to other members of your household. Likewise, you reduce the chances of someone picking up your illness.

Less sick days means fewer days called out of school and work. Even if you have paid time off, taking time off for a sickness after taking time for a doctor’s appointment is frustrating. Plus, no one wants to be sick twice. 

It also means less money on medical costs. From copayments to over-the-counter medications, illnesses can cost money. The convenience of telehealth services also allows you to make more frequent appointments, often at earlier dates and times than in-person visits.

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